I’m bringing back personal blogging

Photo by Art Lasovsky / Unsplash

I’m feeling inspired. Is this the kind of fleeting inspiration that inevitably arrives with the New Year? That is entirely possible. Am I grasping it anyway? Yes.

I’m feeling inspired because I read this post by Monique Judge on The Verge about bringing back personal blogging. It harks back to an era of the internet which I do not remember. But it sounds fantastic.

This website was originally intended to be a focussed blog about software development. But I also promised myself that I would not become a tutorial monkey. I very quickly realised that the niche I had chosen was quite difficult to find content ideas for. I wrote one good post about how everyone was doing Flutter testing wrong; alas, that was the end of my creative spark.

I have also quit Twitter. For Elon reasons. I was worried that I would miss it; I had found a pretty nice circle of software people. But honestly, I basically haven’t thought about Twitter since I deactivated my account. It’s been a relief.

So I’ve decided, on Monique’s advice, to become part of the solution to the broken internet. Welcome, friends, to my personal blog.